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About us

We Sabah Designers Ltd., located at C-42, South Panishail, Kashimpur, Gazipur, is a fully export-focused readymade garment (knit) production company. Assuring the highest-quality products and providing total transparency in all facets of the business is our steadfast commitment to our overseas principals. We want to meet every need and expectation from our principals and buyers. 850 staff members and workers make up our organization at the moment. To guarantee that orders are dispatched following client specifications and on schedule, the production team, which consists of 60 experienced supervisors, division heads, and managers, collaborate very well. Outside of the production control system, the corporation also maintains a Quality Assurance Department.

Every significant sector adheres to a documented system whereby decisions, activities, and crucial data are available in written records, and actions are guided by written instructions. The flow charts and quality plan serve as references for the order and interaction of the process. Information and resources are made available at the proper times.

Technicians and operators are trained to adhere to the instructions provided in their work instructions, which include detailed instructions on how to accomplish operations. It is believed that these guidelines won’t change much over time and don’t require inclusion in a document management system. Should a technique be modified, the entire work instruction will be updated accordingly.

Management review meetings and internal and external audits are used to evaluate the quality system regularly. Every person working for the company is responsible for maintaining the quality system.